Flashfood & Save Mart Affordable Groceries on West Coast

Flashfood, the app renowned for unbeatable grocery deals, has teamed up with The Save Mart Companies, a prominent California-based grocer operating 194 stores across the region. With Flashfood’s free app, shoppers can access fresh produce, meat, and other premium groceries at discounts of up to 50%, simultaneously curbing food waste and providing exceptional savings. Initially available at 44 Lucky stores in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, the Flashfood app will soon roll out to all 194 locations of The Save Mart Companies in California and Western Nevada to meet growing consumer demand. Shoppers can conveniently browse discounted items, make purchases, and arrange in-store pickups directly through the app.

In a state where over 11 million tons of food were wasted in 2022 alone, equivalent to 19 billion meals, Flashfood’s initiative aids consumers in maximizing their purchasing power while minimizing food waste. Notably, the platform integrates EBT payment capabilities, benefiting California’s 4.6 million SNAP customers. With plans to incorporate SNAP EBT as a payment option across all retail partners by year-end in collaboration with payment company Forage, Flashfood is committed to advancing accessibility and affordability in the grocery space.

Nicholas Bertram, Chief Executive Officer at Flashfood, emphasized the community-driven ethos behind the partnership, stating, “No one wants to live in a world where food goes to waste, while families struggle to make ends meet. The Bay Area, known for its innovative spirit, is where Flashfood aims to make a meaningful impact. We’re honored to join forces with The Save Mart Companies, an esteemed retailer deeply rooted in California communities for over seven decades.”

The collaboration between Flashfood and The Save Mart Companies signifies a dual commitment to sustainability and value. By introducing Flashfood, The Save Mart Companies becomes the pioneering retailer in California to offer this innovative solution, reinforcing their dedication to driving industry-leading innovation. Tamara Pattison, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at The Save Mart Companies, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Together, we’re addressing food waste to ensure that California’s abundant harvest reaches dinner tables, not landfills.”

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