Global Community Support Initiative Driven by Kerry Employees

Kerry’s MyCommunity Program: Empowering Employees to Make a Difference Globally

Kerry takes pride in its commitment to supporting local communities through the innovative MyCommunity program, offering each employee a paid volunteer day to contribute to community initiatives of their choice.

The MyCommunity program harnesses Kerry’s resources and expertise to aid employees in volunteering for locally driven community projects that focus on food, nutrition, and health. Alongside granting up to 21,000 paid volunteer days annually, Kerry has allocated a €1 million community fund to bolster local initiatives.

Now in its fourth year since its successful launch in 2020, the MyCommunity program continues to evolve under the dedication of Kerry employees. Here’s a glimpse of how Kerry employees have made a meaningful impact on communities worldwide through the MyCommunity program in 2023:

  1. Selo Amor Espresso: Campinas, Brazil Employees in Campinas, Brazil utilized MyCommunity funding to support the Selo Amor Espresso program. This initiative empowers women in vulnerable situations by providing specialized barista training, psychological support, and guidance on financial independence. Over 60 women have undergone transformational training through this program, with Kerry’s support facilitating the execution of two workshops in the past year.
  2. Kids Around the World: Beloit, US Over 100 volunteers, including colleagues and their families from the Beloit site in the US, came together to pack nearly 800,000 meals for children in Zambia, the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. This effort supported the Kids Around the World program, combatting childhood malnutrition by distributing highly nutritious meals to disadvantaged children in various settings.
  3. What-a-Waste: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kerry’s Global Business Services leadership team partnered with What-a-Waste Malaysia to provide financial assistance and time to prepare 400 healthy dinners for the local community. What-a-Waste is dedicated to reducing food waste in Malaysia and has prevented millions of kilograms of surplus food from reaching landfills, thereby mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring food security for marginalized communities.

Kerry’s MyCommunity program exemplifies the company’s commitment to social responsibility and employee engagement, fostering positive change and making a tangible difference in communities worldwide.]

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