Aramark Volunteers Global Compassion & Impact

Aramark Volunteers Making a Global Impact: Stories of Community Engagement

From bustling cities to remote towns, Aramark employees worldwide leave a positive mark on their communities daily. Through engagement with local nonprofits, addressing food insecurity, championing sustainability initiatives, and more, they embody the spirit of service and community connection.

As Global Volunteer Month (April) unfolds, Aramark shines a spotlight on exemplary volunteers from across its global network. Despite being thousands of miles apart, the collective efforts of Aramark’s international volunteer leaders know no bounds.

Jami Leveen, Aramark’s Vice President of Community Partnerships, reflects on the profound global impact achieved through the dedication of volunteers. “I’m in awe of the global impact we, as a company, have thanks to our incredible volunteers worldwide,” she shares. “I extend my gratitude to each one of them for embracing and promoting the spirit of Aramark Building Community (ABC).”

Meet Claire Moran, Director of Communications and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) in Ireland. Since joining Aramark in 2022, Moran has been instrumental in organizing and participating in various ABC projects. She eagerly anticipates Aramark Ireland’s upcoming Aramark Building Community Day (ABC Day) in May. Moran emphasizes the importance of early volunteer input, ensuring sustained engagement throughout project execution. This ABC Day, the focus in Ireland expands to encompass homelessness, food poverty, environmental issues, and support for children with special needs.

Moran expresses her genuine joy in helping others and the pride she feels in making a meaningful impact through Aramark. She values the opportunity to contribute to community causes within her workplace, highlighting Aramark’s commitment to employee-driven change.

In Chile, Maria Francisca Hernández Scianca, Aramark’s Head of Sustainability for Latin America, exemplifies the company’s dedication to volunteerism. Beyond her role, Scianca leads volunteer projects in Chile while supporting efforts in Argentina and Mexico for ABC Day. She finds fulfillment in witnessing the positive transformations in communities, whether through revitalized spaces or aid for wildfire victims. Scianca is passionate about involving others in volunteer activities, believing in its transformative potential.

Ramona Wilder, Sustainability Manager at an Ottawa university in Canada, embodies leadership in community service. Collaborating with local nonprofits like the Parkdale Community Food Access Area, Wilder and her team have contributed to food security initiatives, providing meals and support to neighbors in need. She emphasizes the importance of communal dining experiences and cultural sensitivity in outreach efforts. Wilder’s commitment to addressing food insecurity reflects Aramark’s values of making a tangible difference in communities.

Through these inspiring stories, Aramark volunteers demonstrate the power of collective action in effecting positive change. From Ireland to Chile to Canada, their dedication to service embodies the essence of Aramark Building Community, enriching lives and fostering stronger, more resilient communities globally.

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