GreenGasUSA and Darling Ingredients Partner to Produce Renewable Natural Gas and Cut Emissions

GreenGasUSA and Darling Ingredients Inc. (NYSE: DAR) are delighted to announce their partnership to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) and capture CO2 from wastewater streams at Darling’s U.S. facilities. This collaboration aims to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at these sites through the installation of advanced gas upgrading and CO2 capture systems, while also generating valuable co-products.

At the heart of its operations, Darling Ingredients prioritizes sustainability, while GreenGasUSA is a leader in producing RNG from environmental and industrial waste streams. Together, they strive to develop innovative solutions that transform waste streams into valuable resources, delivering significant environmental benefits including GHG reductions.

“We are excited to announce this landmark agreement with Darling Ingredients,” said Marc Fetten, CEO and Founder of GreenGasUSA. “Our mission at GreenGas is to help businesses reduce their environmental impact by providing solutions that also generate economic benefits. Darling Ingredients has been a pioneer in repurposing waste and integrating circularity into industrial operations. GreenGas is proud to support this initiative by converting agricultural and food waste into a valuable renewable energy product.”

South Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture Hugh Weathers remarked, “The innovative collaboration between GreenGas and Darling Ingredients highlights the critical role the agricultural sector will play in advancing the clean energy economy. I have long supported GreenGas’s efforts to create renewable products from agricultural waste streams and reduce carbon emissions. I am particularly excited about GreenGas’s CO2 capture technology, which introduces circularity into agricultural processes and provides an important raw material for producers.”

GreenGasUSA partners with global businesses to help reduce their environmental footprint by producing renewable natural gas and other renewable products, like carbon dioxide (CO2), clean water, and agricultural nutrients. GreenGasUSA’s wastewater and engineering experts design and permit comprehensive biogas solutions including, biogas capture, anaerobic digestion, gas flaring, compression, transportation, and pipeline injection. GreenGasUSA has operational RNG facilities at agricultural and food processing sources across the country, with proven success in installing, commissioning, and operating gas upgrading equipment; RNG and CO2 product compression and transportation; and existing pipeline injection infrastructure

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