The Dairy Alliance Aids Tennessee Communities in Combating Food Insecurity

The Dairy Alliance, a nonprofit supported by dairy farm families across the Southeast, is committed to furthering its assistance to The Randy Davis Memorial Milk Fund. This dedicated organization plays a crucial role in ensuring that communities grappling with food insecurity have equitable access to fresh, nourishing milk. Across seven Tennessee communities, where milk often remains a luxury, the Milk Fund has served as a vital resource by providing weekly and monthly distributions. As it looks ahead to 2024, the fund aims to extend its reach to additional towns and food pantries. To sustain and expand this essential service, the fund relies heavily on the generosity of community donations. In 2023 alone, the organization supplied over 6,500 gallons of milk to those in need across East Tennessee.

Geri Berdak, Chief Executive Officer at The Dairy Alliance, emphasized the organization’s commitment to supporting this impactful initiative. “Contributing to this meaningful cause is fundamental to our mission, and we are deeply invested in it. The Dairy Alliance draws inspiration from the strength of community, and we are privileged to collaborate with the fund to provide nutritious milk to families facing hardships,” she stated. “We eagerly anticipate broadening our assistance to Tennessee dairy farmers to reach even more communities and families in the coming year.”

The Randy Davis Memorial Milk Fund, established in memory of Randy Davis, a revered dairy farmer from Davis Brothers Dairy in Philadelphia, TN, serves as a tribute to his legacy. Randy, alongside his brother, founded their dairy farm in 1984 and remained a committed advocate for local milk drives in the Knoxville area until his passing in 2016.

Reflecting on her father’s legacy, Sam Craun, daughter of Randy Davis and co-owner of Davis Brothers Dairy, shared, “My father was a beloved figure within our dairy farm community, dedicating his life to making a positive impact. Inspired by his passion for dairy farming and his unwavering belief in the power of community, our family established The Randy Davis Memorial Milk Fund to continue his meaningful work. This fund aims to provide nutritious milk to local families in need, embodying his enduring spirit of generosity and community service.”

To contribute to The Randy Davis Memorial Milk Fund and explore ways to support local food banks and families

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