Hemohim Functional Food Sparks Global Immune Boost Craze

Hemohim, a prominent functional food originating from Korea, has been gaining considerable traction in the global market. Developed over an eight-year collaboration between Kolmar BNH and the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, with an investment of KRW 5 billion, it stands as a testament to Korean innovation and scientific prowess.

Derived from traditional herbal ingredients such as angelica gigas, cnidium officinale, and paeonia japonica, Hemohim underwent rigorous human testing by Kolmar BNH to confirm its safety and efficacy. Recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea in 2006 for its immune-boosting properties, Hemohim has emerged as a frontrunner in the realm of health functional foods.

Market success has swiftly followed its launch, with Hemohim, distributed by Atomy, boasting sales exceeding KRW 2 trillion within just 17 years, making it Korea’s best-selling individually approved health functional food. Its popularity has transcended borders, with demand surging from countries like Australia, the US, and Thailand, resulting in its availability in over 20 nations worldwide.

The product’s excellence has been acknowledged by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, which granted it approval as the nation’s first individually approved health supplement aimed at enhancing immune function. Hemohim stands as Korea’s leading individually approved health functional food ingredient, ranking second only to red ginseng in terms of exports.

Kolmar BNH’s dedication to research and development has been pivotal in enhancing Hemohim’s competitive edge. The ‘Hemohim Sustaining Technology Development Project,’ undertaken over six years, culminated in the addition of a fatigue recovery function, further solidifying Hemohim’s status as a dual-functional food.

In a bid to penetrate the European market, Kolmar BNH has introduced HemohimG, tailored to European tastes and aroma preferences, while adhering to each country’s food regulations. This strategic move positions HemohimG for export to countries like the UK and Turkey, further expanding its global footprint.

An official from Kolmar BNH expressed confidence in Hemohim’s potential to make a mark on the global stage, citing its extensive research capabilities and manufacturing excellence. After achieving resounding success in Korea over the past 16 years, Hemohim is poised to carve out a significant presence in the global health functional food market.

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