jamas Capital Management Announces Appointment of Todd Southerland as Strategic Advisor – Agri- Foods

Jamas Capital Management( “ Jamas ” or the “ Company ”), a private investment establishment established in 2004 with a focus on strategic investments across a wide diapason of diligence to include flesh processing, real estate, and opportunistic and specialty situations( i.e., deeply worried, reversals, restructuring, and arbitrage), is pleased to advertise thatMr. Todd Southerland has been appointed to Jamas as Strategic Advisor – Agri- Foods.

Southerland will help Jamas in refining and executing the establishment’s agri- foods portfolio company’s strategies that maximize return on investment for Gemstone Foods, a Jamas portfolio company innovated 10 times agone
, furnishing flesh and farther processing services to the flesh assiduity, as well as foodservice and retail. He’ll also be necessary in relating implicit agri- foods and affiliated business openings for unborn expansion to include accessions.

Southerland serves as Administrative Vice President of growth and sustainability at Florida Beef,Inc., which operates beef processing installations concentrated on mature grassfed cattle. Prior to joining Florida Beef,Mr. Southerland spent further than twenty times in the banking assiduity with a sole focus on agribusiness, including leadership positions with Truist/ SunTrust, Wells Fargo, and John Hancock. In these places, he worked as a crucial resource to agri- foods guests in understanding and assaying trends and request conditions within the sector and structuring results to help guests realize long- term pretensions and achieve smart growth.

Southerland holds a Bachelorette of trades degree in economics from Vanderbilt University and has studied transnational trade and finance at the London School of Economics. He has also completed administrative education programs in agribusiness and related fields at Harvard Business School and the Kellogg School of Management.
Southerland reflected, “ Jamas has a track record of structure assiduity leading companies across a number of sectors and is committed to erecting its agri- foods business, where it has established a solid foundation in flesh processing having innovated Gemstone Foods in 2013. Since its founding, Gemstone Foods has made remarkable progress in getting a significant player in the flesh further recycling assiduity. I look forward to contributing to this uninterrupted success as Jamas evaluates openings for unborn growth across the agribusiness geography. ”

“Mr. Southerland’s emotional background in commercial finance helping businesses in the agri- foods sector, in particular the flesh sector, make and execute crucial strategic enterprise, aligns well with Jamas ’ commitment to erecting an assiduity leading flesh company and potentially expanding into other protein sectors. We’re agitated to have him on our platoon and are confident he’ll add tremendous value to our unborn success, ” said BenO. Turnage, CEO of Jamas.

About Jamas Capital Management

JAMAS Capital Management, LLC( “ JAMAS ”) was innovated in 2004 by BenO. Turnage and is a private investment operation establishment with a focus on strategic investments including furnishing capital to support top investments and deals across a wide diapason of diligence. Deals range from launch- ups to develop businesses whether deeply worried, ground bottom backing or growth backing. Jamas as the guarantor focuses on developing the most effective capital and functional structure demanded to drive value creation.

Headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi with devoted professionals in Atlanta and Birmingham, Jamas manages business interest across the southern United States. For company updates and to learn further about Jamas, visitwww.jamascapital.com.

About Gemstone Foods

innovated in 2013 and grounded in Decatur, Alabama, Gemstone Foods is amid-size private investor- possessed flesh farther processing company. Since its commencement, the company has expanded to three installations immolation services to include portioning, frontal- half, and dark meat deboning, IQF, par- shindig, marination, and packaging for ready to cook flesh. The company provides assiduity leading client service, food safety and quality products services. Its strategy is to continue to grow both organically and through accession of fresh processing shops and other value- added businesses as well as expanding into new client channels.

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