Petsense by Tractor Supply to Debut Skout’s Honor Grooming Products in Salons Nationwide

Petsense by Tractor Supply, a pet specialty retailer and wholly- possessed attachment of Tractor Supply Company, blazoned moment the debut of Skout’s Honor decoration grooming products in its Pet Salons civil morning January 8.
Skout’s Honor grooming products contain topical probiotics that defend against itch, odor and slipping, and leave faves feeling their stylish. This is the first time Petsense by Tractor Supply is offering a decoration product line of this nature in its salons.

“ At Petsense by Tractor Supply, we’re passionate about giving our guests and their faves the stylish products on the request, ” said Sydney Heim, elderly director of services at Petsense by Tractor Supply. “ That’s why we ’re thrilled to introduce Skout’s Honor products in our Pet Salons nationwide. These products will offer our guests a decoration topical probiotic option with a honeysuckle scent, at a price they love in a birthplace pet store setting. ”

guests can find Skout’s Honor products in all Petsense Pet Salons and with this launch, pet parents will now have the option to add on two new upgrades to their service

Upgraded probiotic soap conditioner Boost your faves ‘ natural defenses against itch, odor and slipping with Skout’s Honor probiotic soap conditioner upgrade. You will be amazed at how good your pet looks, feels( and smells!) after this treatment.
Premium probiotic package Skout’s Honor soap conditioner, observance cleanser, deodorizer or detangler, as well as a fresh breath treatment, paw attar and nail train a holistic grooming experience with honeysuckle scents and topical probiotics to boost faves ’ natural defenses against itch, odor and slipping, leaving them looking and feeling their stylish( and smelling amazing).
“ The addition of Skout’s Honor’s award- winning Probiotic Grooming and Wellness products to Petsense by Tractor Supply’s menu of fixing services, demonstrates their clear understanding of what pet parents are really looking for and anticipate when choosing a grooming service moment, ” said Jenny Gilcrest, VP of marketing at Skout’s Honor. “ As a decoration, upgraded option that offers the important and inarguable benefits of topical probiotics, these products will change what people anticipate from a grooming service ever. Their pet will noway look, feel or smell better! ”

Skout’s Honor products are formerly available for purchase at all Petsense by Tractor Supply stores and, enabling guests to use the same products and scents at home between consorts. Petsense Pet Salons offer a wide variety of services ranging from nail trims and bathing to full- service grooming. Pricing varies by strain, size and current fleece condition. Pet parents can find a salon near them and bespeak their coming appointment by visiting
About Petsense by Tractor Supply

Petsense by Tractor Supply, a wholly possessed attachment of Tractor Supply Company( NASDAQ TSCO), is a pet specialty retailer concentrated on meeting the requirements of pet possessors, primarily in small andmid-size communities. innovated in 2005, Petsense by Tractor Supply specializes in furnishing a large multifariousness of pet food, inventories and services, similar as grooming and training, and offering guests a acclimatized experience while furnishing the top- quality products they need at a price they love. Petsense by Tractor Supply carries a range of nationally honored brands including Fromm, Orijen, Acana, Purina Pro Plan, Hill’s Science Diet, Victor, and Royal Canin. Petsense by Tractor Supply is also committed to promoting responsible pet power through pet abdications, community involvement and education. As of September 30, 2023, the Company operated 195 Petsense by Tractor Supply stores in 23 countries. For further information on Petsense by Tractor Supply,

About Skout’s Honor

Skout’s Honor is an award- winning, environmentally, and socially conscious company that’s known for making life- changing pet rudiments. Product orders include Plant- Powered Cleaning, Probiotic Grooming & Wellness, Preventive Training Aids, Flea Tick results and all new Oral Care for faves. innovated in California in 2015, Skout’s Honor changes what people anticipate from a pet product by furnishing innovative results to everyday problems that dramatically ameliorate the quality of life for faves and their people. The Skout’s Paw Pledge( Buy a Bottle, Feed an Beast) program enables guests to contribute a day’s worth of food to an beast in need with every product vended. To date, further than 15 million refections have been bestowed. For further information, please

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