Join Enrich Foods in Celebrating Earth Day (April 22) with Water-Wise Practices

Aiming to revolutionize the food industry from the ground up, Enrich Foods, a Columbia Grain International company, underscores the importance of starting with quality ingredients. Rice, serving as the primary staple for over half of the global population according to USDA, faces a dilemma. Traditional rice cultivation methods, often involving flooded paddies, contribute significantly to methane emissions. By 2030, these conventional practices are projected to contribute 23% of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions.

In response, farmers are embracing innovative techniques to grow rice sustainably, conserving water and mitigating emissions. Great River Milling, cultivated in the heartland of America, represents a pivotal step forward in eco-conscious farming. This approach not only benefits the environment but also yields rice that’s healthier for consumers, as noted by registered dietitian Kaytee Hadley (MS, RDN, IFMCP).

“Re-think Your Rice” this Earth Day and support US rice farmers committed to climate-friendly practices. Each purchase of a 3-pack of Great River Milling Climate-Friendly Rice saves a remarkable 360 gallons of water. From April 20-26, enjoy a 25% discount on Great River Milling Long Grain White and Brown Rice on Amazon.

Bill Germano, Enrich Foods’ COO, emphasizes the significance of climate-friendly rice as a sustainable option with substantial environmental benefits compared to conventional and organic varieties. The Climate-Friendly Certified by AgriCapture™ growing process delivers remarkable results:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 60-95%.
  • Water usage cut by up to 33%.
  • Soil health enhanced, promoting carbon sequestration.

Let’s all play a part in reshaping our eating habits to nourish ourselves and the planet.

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