Divert Acquires New Site in Lexington NC for Integrated Diversion & Energy Facility

A technology company with a passion for safeguarding the value of food, Divert, has recently acquired a site in Lexington, North Carolina, to establish an Integrated Diversion and Energy Facility. This initiative is poised to bring about social, economic, and environmental advantages to the local community.

“Over nearly two decades, Divert has remained steadfast in its commitment to constructing sustainable infrastructure and deploying cutting-edge technologies to combat food waste,” remarked Ryan Begin, CEO and co-founder of Divert. “With the selection of Lexington, a locale close to our customer base, we’re grateful for the backing of the City of Lexington and the state’s Economic Development Partnership. Together, we anticipate unlocking environmental benefits and fostering local economic growth, including job creation.”

The staggering reality of more than 100 million tons of wasted food annually in the U.S., with over 50% ending up in landfills or incinerators, underscores the urgency of addressing this issue. Notably, this wasted food contributes to approximately 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In North Carolina alone, around 2.7 million tons of food go to waste annually, juxtaposed against 1.2 million food-insecure residents. Divert stands at the forefront of tackling this challenge nationwide, leveraging its distinctive solutions to convert food waste into renewable energy, all while employing technology and data to preempt food wastage.

With a network of 13 facilities nationwide, Divert intercepts wasted food from retailers and other enterprises, repurposing it into carbon-negative renewable energy, thereby averting the emission of harmful methane in landfills.

Expressing enthusiasm about Divert’s decision to establish its innovative endeavor in Lexington, Mayor Jason Hayes remarked, “We are incredibly excited about Divert choosing Lexington to place its innovative approach to creating natural gas. This continues to support other sustainable manufacturing practices within our region. The most exciting part for us is Divert’s investment in Lexington and job creation. It is gratifying to see that Lexington continues to be a popular location for existing and new companies to locate. The projected economic impact for Lexington is estimated to include approximately 50 potential full-time jobs.”

Thus far, Divert has processed an impressive 2.6 billion pounds of wasted food and utilized its technology to donate over 13.2 million pounds of nutritious food to those in need.

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