Kirin Introduces New Yogurt-Flavored iMUSE Karada Omoi, Launches Kirin Nama-cha Karada Hare-cha for Sale

Kirin Beverage Company, Limited (Kirin Beverage) is set to unveil nationwide distribution of Kirin iMUSE Karada Omoi Yogurt Taste, a functional food featuring Kirin’s exclusive material L. lactis strain Plasma [postbiotic] (LC-Plasma), starting on Tuesday, March 19. Furthermore, the updated version of Kirin Nama-cha Immune Care, known as Kirin Nama-cha Karada Hare-cha (pronounced hah-ray), will hit shelves across the country on April 2. Kirin Beverage, dedicated to delivering delicious and health-conscious products, aims to enhance the daily lives of consumers through its LC-Plasma-infused beverages.

In 2023, beverages from Kirin Beverage containing LC-Plasma witnessed a substantial year-to-date sales volume surge of approximately 40%, attributed to robust sales of the iMUSE brand and Oishii Immune Care series, along with the introduction of new products targeting the demand for immune care during the summer. Since 2020, when the “iMUSE” brand secured recognition as the first product in Japan with functional claims for immune function, sales volume has consistently increased each year. However, recognizing that there are still numerous consumers unfamiliar with LC-Plasma-containing beverages, Kirin Beverage aims to foster additional growth in the “immune care” market by proposing easily accessible products for health-conscious consumers. According to internal research conducted in August 2022 (n=4,282), Kirin Beverage seeks to create a drinking experience in categories that resonate with consumers seeking health value in beverages, thereby achieving further growth in the “immune care” market.

The introduction of Kirin iMUSE Karada Omoi Yogurt Taste caters to consumers mindful of calorie intake, offering a refreshing taste. Simultaneously, the rebranding and packaging of Kirin Nama-cha Karada Hare-cha aim to extend the “immune care” habit to those who prefer a flavorful and healthy drink in the green tea category, commonly consumed on a daily basis.

Kirin Beverage remains committed to the expansion of LC-Plasma-containing beverages, implementing various initiatives such as promotions and sales promotion measures. The goal is to establish “immune care” as a daily health habit for a broader consumer base.

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