Relaunch of Kirin Oishii’s Immune Care Series

Kirin Beverage Company, Limited is set to unveil a nationwide revitalization of its Kirin Oishii Immune Care series on March 19. This functional food product line features Kirin’s exclusive material, the L. lactis strain Plasma [postbiotic] (LC-Plasma). The relaunch includes a redesigned packaging for Kirin Oishii Immune Care to enhance visibility and reliability, while Kirin Oishii Immune Care Calorie Off undergoes improvements in taste balance and packaging for a healthier and more enjoyable experience, encouraging daily consumption.

Adding to the lineup is a novel label-less product in 100ml PET bottles, available exclusively through e-commerce in six-packs. This new offering aims to further instill the “immune care” habit among consumers. By continuing to deliver LC-Plasma-containing beverages, Kirin Beverage is committed to providing tasty health options for consumers every day, supporting the maintenance of immune function in healthy individuals, as indicated in research reports on LC-Plasma.

The market for small-volume drinkable yogurt and lactic acid beverages is expanding, reflecting the increasing focus on health consciousness. According to a Kirin Beverage survey, there is a growing awareness of the desire to be healthy from the inside out and to safeguard one’s health. The anticipated growth rates for functional food products with claimed efficacy in 2023, such as “immune countermeasures,” “stress relief and sleep support,” and “intestinal regulation,” are substantial compared to 2020, signifying a notable trend in health-oriented consumption.

Since its introduction last year, Kirin Oishii Immune Care has garnered heightened product awareness, owing to its expanding product lineup and reputation for trustworthy functions and delicious taste. In 2023, the annual sales volume of the Kirin Oishii Immune Care series witnessed significant growth, approximately 3.4 times that of Kirin iMUSE Morning Immune Care in the same container. Recognizing the potential for further habitual consumption, Kirin Beverage is revamping packaging and flavor to integrate “immune care” seamlessly into people’s lives. Additionally, a new environmentally friendly label-less product is introduced to contribute to plastic reduction.

Despite the substantial growth, 90% of Kirin Oishii Immune Care users are still categorized as light users. Kirin Beverage envisions increased habitual consumption and aims to make “immune care” an integral part of daily life through strategic packaging and flavor enhancements. The company is also dedicated to environmental responsibility, reflected in the launch of a label-less product to minimize plastic use.

As part of their commitment to growth, Kirin Beverage will continue efforts, including promotions and sales promotion measures, to establish “immune care” as a daily health habit for a broader consumer base.

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