Lineage Logistics Unveils New Identity Adopts ‘Lineage’ as Brand Name

A prominent player in the temperature-controlled industrial real estate investment trust (REIT) sector and a provider of top-notch logistics solutions worldwide has recently unveiled a rebranding initiative. Formerly known as Lineage Logistics, the company has officially transitioned its brand identity to Lineage, a name it has proudly carried since its inception in 2012. This rebrand underscores Lineage’s rich heritage and deep expertise in the intricate realm of cold storage and logistics.

The emblematic shield logo of Lineage symbolizes not just its corporate identity but also embodies the collective commitment of numerous entities that have joined forces with Lineage over the years. Through over 110 strategic acquisitions, Lineage has grown into a formidable entity, uniting under a singular mission: safeguarding and facilitating the global food supply chain.

Presently, Lineage shoulders the critical responsibility of storing, handling, and transporting food items across the United States and beyond, boasting a vast operational footprint spanning over 480 warehouses spread across 18 nations. Backed by a workforce exceeding 26,000 dedicated professionals, Lineage serves a diverse clientele base exceeding 12,000 customers worldwide.

Lineage’s comprehensive logistical solutions, fortified by an extensive real estate network and fueled by cutting-edge technology, play a pivotal role in enhancing distribution efficiency, championing sustainability, mitigating environmental impact, reducing supply chain wastage, and, significantly, ensuring global food security.

Greg Lehmkuhl, the President and CEO of Lineage, emphasized the rationale behind the brand name change, affirming that it pays homage to the company’s illustrious legacy while also signaling Lineage’s forward-looking vision. He reiterated Lineage’s unwavering commitment to fostering continuous improvement and pioneering Silicon Valley-style innovation within the cold chain domain, with the overarching goal of optimizing food distribution worldwide for generations to come.

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