Mio TAP Instant Energy Drink Faucet by Kraft Heinz

Saying farewell to the era of cell phone chains and tiny purses, there’s a new trend captivating the younger crowd: energy drinks. With the energy drink market soaring by a staggering 71 percent since 2017, many enthusiasts might be pondering why they feel less than stellar. When was the last time they had a sip of water? And why does it feel like they’re perspiring a blend of Black Cherry and Blue Raspberry? mio, the pioneer of liquid concentrate innovations, is stepping in to address these concerns head-on. Enter TAP* – an innovative faucet that instantly transforms tap water into a revitalizing energy drink.

So, how does TAP* operate? Just like your standard faucet – turn it on, and voila, refreshing water flows out whenever you desire. While this might seem unremarkable in the realm of hydration, it’s a game-changer in the world of energy drinks. Thanks to mio Energy, your ordinary tap water can now be your go-to energy booster. With the introduction of mio’s TAP* faucets, the brand is challenging the status quo by showcasing that all you need is tap water and mio to whip up an energy drink that not only energizes but also hydrates. This innovation is a welcomed relief in a landscape where 55 percent of energy drink users experience negative effects due to excessive sugar, artificial additives, and dehydrating ingredients.

“Our TAP* launch is revolutionizing the energy drink scene, emphasizing that sometimes simplicity is key,” says Samantha Mills, Director of Brand Communications at Kraft Heinz. “We’re demonstrating that energy drinks don’t have to be complex; they just need to make you feel great. Our vibrant TAP* faucets prove that you can get that instant pick-me-up right from your kitchen sink – minus the undesirable aftermath.”

mio’s TAP* faucet debut coincides with the brand’s first rebranding in almost a decade, featuring refreshed packaging, brand colors, and logo. This evolution reflects mio’s dedication to delivering accessible and tailored wellness solutions that cater to the changing preferences of its audience. As consumers increasingly prioritize functionality in their beverages, mio provides the ideal solution with its array of products – core, hydrate, and energy – offering caffeine, electrolytes, or flavor to facilitate hydration on individual terms.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into any kitchen, mio’s TAP* faucets offer a groundbreaking alternative for those seeking a departure from traditional energy drinks.

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