NatureSweet & Barilla’s ‘Salads Done Right’ Culinary Collaboration

NatureSweet®, the premier vertically integrated agricultural company in North America and the top-selling brand of snacking tomatoes, has joined forces with Barilla®, the global leader in pasta manufacturing, to revolutionize salads with their collaborative campaign, “Salads Done Right”. This initiative offers a fresh take on salads by incorporating the nutritional powerhouses of NatureSweet Cherubs® snacking tomatoes and Barilla’s latest addition to its Protein+® pasta lineup – Cellentani (pronounced “CHELL’-en-tah-nee”).

Barilla Protein+ Cellentani is a unique corkscrew-shaped pasta crafted from classic golden wheat enriched with protein derived from chickpeas, lentils, and peas. When combined with the vibrant sweetness of snacking tomatoes, these ingredients create a dynamic fusion of flavors and textures that elevate salads into hearty and nourishing meals.

Lori Castillo, Vice President of Marketing at NatureSweet, expresses excitement about this collaboration, stating, “This partnership is crafting delectable summer pasta salads infused with protein, fiber, calcium, and a wealth of vitamins and minerals. Our fresh and sweet snacking tomatoes harmonize beautifully with pasta recipes, offering the perfect balance—light, refreshing, and satisfying—for families on-the-go, embarking on their next summer adventure.”

The “Salads Done Right” campaign goes beyond culinary inspiration, featuring strategically placed signage in produce and pasta aisles, captivating custom displays, retail media placements, and targeted digital advertising at Kroger and ShopRite stores to engage online consumers.

Angie Cotter, U.S. Pasta Brand Marketing Director at Barilla Americas, echoes the enthusiasm, saying, “Pasta salad season is a highlight for us at Barilla. Pasta serves as an ideal foundation for any salad, and the addition of NatureSweet snacking tomatoes is a delightful pairing. Together, we hope to inspire fans to unleash their creativity in the kitchen as they prepare for BBQs, picnics, or everyday meals.”

For a summer brimming with flavor and nutrition, NatureSweet and Barilla invite you to explore innovative ways to incorporate protein into your diet with their enticing array of salad creations.

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