NatureSweet Publishes 15th Annual Sustainability Report

NatureSweet, the largest vertically integrated controlled environment agricultural company in North America and the leading brand for snacking tomatoes, proudly presents its fifteenth annual Sustainability Report for FY 2023. This comprehensive report provides a detailed overview of the company’s performance, highlighting its dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. NatureSweet’s mission is to improve the lives of millions of agricultural workers in North America, with its sustainability efforts setting a standard for the industry.

“This report underscores NatureSweet’s commitment to demonstrating that doing the right thing and building a successful business are not in conflict; rather, one is the consequence of the other,” says Rodolfo Spielmann, President & CEO of NatureSweet. “We’re dedicated to transforming the lives of all agricultural workers in North America and invite every company to join us in offering life-changing opportunities that incentivize good work, provide broader access to healthcare services, and education. We are building a sustainable workforce that is proud of its contributions, as evidenced by our superior quality every day. We hope our success inspires others in the industry to follow this path.”

Founded in 1990, NatureSweet employs over 6,000 agricultural workers with operations in the U.S. and Mexico. The company is celebrating its first anniversary since earning B Corp Certification, becoming the world’s largest Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) company with Fair Trade, Equitable Food Initiative (EFI), and B Corp Certifications.

2023 Performance Highlights:


  • NatureSweet launched a bachelor’s degree program in agriculture, with the first class graduating in 2028.
  • Partnered with Fundación EDUCA México A.C. for “Escuelas por la Tierra,” educating over 1800 elementary and middle school students about sustainable food and planting gardens at six local schools.
  • Donated produce and provided more than 6.25 million meals to families in need across North America.

Governance & Safety:

  • Became a B Corp Company in June 2023 with a certification score of 114 points, 34 points above the minimum requirement.
  • Achieved 100% Fair Trade Certification for all branded snacking tomatoes, becoming the largest agricultural company committed to this certification. The Fair Trade fund has generated over three million dollars since 2021, providing oral health, ophthalmology services, and a nutritional health program.
  • Maintained a safety index of 0.21%, significantly better than OSHA standards in the U.S.


  • Adopted Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) techniques such as fertigation and drip irrigation, enhancing fertilizer efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Replaced 79% of virgin plastic in branded products with recycled material.
  • Became the first private company in Jalisco, MX, to voluntarily protect 50 hectares (123 acres) for conservation, creating a pollinator corridor to help preserve various species.

NatureSweet is making a significant positive impact in its communities and will continue to develop initiatives that unite and strengthen them. The company looks forward to expanding its influence in 2024, inspiring others in the industry, and serving as a roadmap for sustainable practices.

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