inkTrak Launches Farm-to-Fork Food Traceability Pilot with Integrated HACCP & FSMA Compliance

LinkTrak, a company specializing in location intelligence with patented technology, announced a significant milestone today: they have entered into a multi-patent technology licensing agreement with Disney Parks and Resorts.

Greg Hale, Chief Safety Officer and Vice President for Disney Experiences, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We are committed to sharing our safety best practices and solutions across industries. Licensing Disney SyncLink® Technology and other proprietary technologies to LinkTrak reflects our dedication to advancing food safety.”

The partnership underscores a joint effort to enhance food safety practices through innovative solutions. LinkTrak has developed an ultrathin smart label integrating location, communication, and sensor technologies. This technology enables real-time tracking, monitoring, and automated reporting of package conditions like temperature and humidity. Designed to comply with the FDA’s Final Rule on food traceability, LinkTrak’s SmartLabel facilitates seamless tracking, proactive alerting, and data sharing at critical stages, crucial for meeting FSMA requirements.

Central to this collaboration is Disney SyncLink® Technology, complementing Disney’s advanced food safety system, Disney CHEFS® (Computerized HACCP for Enhanced Food Safety). This integrated solution automates verification of HACCP principles based on food codes and regulatory standards. From farm packaging to Disney kitchens, where Disney CHEFS® ensures food safety throughout storage, preparation, and delivery, the technology monitors shipments proactively.

David Brice, Chairman and Co-Founder of LinkTrak, highlighted the significance of the collaboration: “Disney SyncLink® Technology incorporates insights from a vast global operation and numerous patented technologies in safety, communication, locationing, and accessibility. We are privileged to partner with Boskovich Farms, Xerion Advanced Battery Corp., and other key stakeholders on a Farm-to-Fork Food Traceability Pilot. This initiative underscores our commitment to developing innovative technologies that enhance health, safety, efficiency, and sustainability.”

The partnership between LinkTrak and Disney marks a significant step forward in leveraging technology to bolster food safety practices across industries, reflecting a shared commitment to excellence and innovation.

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