Nescafé’s Premium Espresso Concentrate Joins Cold Coffee Craze

In 2023, the cold coffee market surged, constituting 32% of out-of-home coffee consumption, marking a significant shift with 1 in every 3 cups being cold. This segment has witnessed remarkable growth, with a 15% increase in consumption over the past four years. Embracing this trend, especially among younger demographics, are specialty coffee shops and cafes offering an array of cold coffee options, making it increasingly popular and accessible.

Catering to this burgeoning trend, Nescafé unveils its latest innovation: Nescafé Espresso Concentrate. Crafted to replicate the out-of-home cold coffee experience, this premium liquid coffee concentrate brings barista-style personalized iced coffees right into consumers’ homes. Here’s what sets it apart:

  1. Customization: Consumers can effortlessly enhance their beverages by adding a shot of Espresso Concentrate to milk for a creamy iced Latte, to water for a robust Americano, or even mix it with lemonade or juice for a refreshing twist.
  2. Quality Coffee: Meticulously blended from select coffee varieties, roasted and brewed to perfection, it promises a rich and bold flavor profile.
  3. User-Friendly: No specialized equipment or barista expertise required, making it convenient for anyone to enjoy.

Philipp Navratil, Head of Nestlé’s Coffee Strategic Business Unit, emphasizes, “As younger coffee enthusiasts gravitate towards cold brews, Nescafé Espresso Concentrate aims to capture this growing trend from out-of-home experiences and seamlessly bring it in-home, offering a premium quality cold coffee in a simple, customizable manner.”

Damien Tissot, Head of Nestlé R&D for Coffee, adds, “Leveraging Nestlé’s cutting-edge coffee roasting and brewing technologies, we’ve developed Nescafé Espresso Concentrate to deliver delicious and convenient cold coffee experiences at home.”

The Nescafé Espresso Concentrate debuts with two enticing flavors: Sweet Vanilla, adding a flavorful twist to the coffee ritual, and Espresso Black, delivering a bold and intense coffee experience.

Initially launching in selected Australian retailers in bottle format, and on e-commerce platforms in China as a single-serve pod suitable for pouring over milk, water, or juice, the Nescafé Espresso Concentrate is poised to expand into global markets in the coming years.

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