Nestlé Introduces Scientifically Validated Bioactive Formula for Enhancing Sleep Quality

Nestlé’s Breakthrough Bioactive Blend Enhances Sleep Quality

A significant portion of our lives, roughly one-third, is spent asleep, underscoring the critical role sleep plays in overall health and well-being.

Recent research has unveiled the potential of a proprietary bioactive blend to enhance natural sleepiness and improve sleep quality. This breakthrough comes from collaborative efforts between Nestlé Research in Switzerland and the National University of Singapore Sleep Center.

In a clinical trial conducted by these institutions, a novel nutritional solution containing a blend of bioactive ingredients was tested for its impact on sleep. Results indicate that the combination of natural tryptophan sources, vitamin B, magnesium, zinc, and nutrients promoting melatonin secretion, along with mulberry leaf extract, reduced both measured and self-reported time to fall asleep by approximately 15%. Moreover, the inclusion of mulberry leaf extract, a traditional Chinese ingredient, in the bioactive blend contributed to reduced postprandial blood sugar increase after evening meals and stabilized glycemic variation during the night.

Eline van der Beek, Head of Nestlé’s Institute of Health Sciences, highlights the innovative use of digital technology and wearable devices in measuring participants’ glucose levels and sleep quality remotely, facilitating reliable data collection on the nutritional solution’s effectiveness.

Capitalizing on this scientific breakthrough and acknowledging the age-related changes in sleep patterns, Nestlé’s R&D scientists have developed a new milk powder infused with the patented bioactive blend. Marketed as Yiyang Wanning milk powder, this product targets individuals aged 40-60 in China, promoting natural sleepiness and enhancing sleep quality.

Additionally, the Nestlé R+D Accelerator in Switzerland has leveraged these findings to pilot fruit shots infused with the proprietary bioactive blend. These shots, designed to support sleep, were trialed for a limited time in Europe and South-East Asia.

Isabelle Bureau-Franz, Nestlé’s Head of R&D for the Nutrition category, emphasizes the synergy between Nestlé Research’s scientific expertise and product development capabilities, enabling innovative approaches to improve sleep quality through nutrition.

These innovations complement Nestlé’s existing offerings for sleep support, such as Nature’s Bounty Sleep3 Gummies launched in the U.S. last year. Developed by experts at Nestlé Health Sciences R&D center, these gummies utilize proprietary technology for extended-release melatonin, aiding relaxation, sleep onset, and maintenance for a refreshed wake-up experience.

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