Hershey Commemorates International Women’s Day, Spotlighting the Influence of Women and Girls Worldwide

The Hershey Company unveils its 2024 commemoration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month by introducing limited-edition Hershey’s SHE bars, aimed at highlighting the profound impact of women and girls worldwide. “Hershey continues its long-standing tradition of celebrating the women of today and the generations of tomorrow as we kick off Women’s History Month,” says Katie DeCapria, brand manager at Hershey’s. “Empowering and advancing women is central to our value of togetherness and a critical component for our long-term success. By featuring SHE in the center of our iconic Hershey’s bar, we aim to foster meaningful connections and encourage people to celebrate the women who inspire us and shape our daily lives.”

Celebrating ‘Her for Who She Is’ in the U.S. For the fourth consecutive year, the Hershey’s brand reintroduces its limited-edition Hershey’s SHE bars. This year, the Hershey’s brand will celebrate ‘her for who she is’ by showcasing over 200 adjectives on the iconic chocolate bar that depict the powerful, dependable, and brilliant women surrounding us.

The Hershey’s SHE bars are co-created in collaboration with Girls on the Run, a U.S.-based nonprofit committed to empowering every girl to recognize and utilize her unlimited potential. With words such as creative, fearless, and dedicated, presenting these bars serves as a simple and heartwarming gesture to honor the influential women and girls who have influenced our lives.

“Girls on the Run is honored to continue our impactful partnership with Hershey’s,” says Elizabeth Kunz, CEO of Girls on the Run International. “Our logo on the SHE bar exemplifies our crucial mission, raising awareness and celebrating the diverse attributes of women and girls. By investing in Girls on the Run, Hershey’s inspires girls everywhere to forge courageous and authentic paths to pursue their dreams boldly.”

Hershey’s collaboration with Girls on the Run extends beyond the bars. In line with the company’s tradition of supporting communities, Hershey’s will also make donations to Girls on the Run, enabling more women and girls to participate in their life-changing programs both locally and nationally. Moreover, many Hershey employees volunteer as coaches for the organization throughout the year.

Fans can scan the QR code on the back of limited-edition Hershey’s SHE bars to learn more about the joint mission of celebrating all women and girls.

Shining a Spotlight on Women and Girls Around the World Internationally, Hershey continues to engage fans with the acclaimed #HerSHE and #HERforSHE International Women’s Day campaigns. Originating in Brazil in 2020, this year, consumers in the Asia-Pacific region, Brazil/Latin America, Canada, India, and the Middle East will join in the celebration. Each region will illuminate the impact of women in communities worldwide.

Participating international regions are also collaborating with Girl Up, a nonprofit organization that promotes girls’ skills, rights, and leadership opportunities to amplify the voices of girls and youth making a difference.

“Girl Up is thrilled to partner with The Hershey Company in celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month,” said Melissa Kilby, CEO of Girl Up. “This collaboration represents a powerful commitment to recognizing the invaluable contributions of women and girls worldwide. At Girl Up, we believe in the limitless potential of every young person to be a force for change, and through our partnership with Hershey’s, we can further encourage and support our transformative youth leaders to drive progress. Together with Hershey’s, Girl Up is building a more inclusive and equitable world for all of us.”

Bringing People Together and Making a Difference All Year Round Hershey celebrates the women of today and the next generation every day throughout the year. As a champion of togetherness, the company has been on an actionable journey to elevate and empower all people and communities:

Under CEO Michele Buck’s leadership, Hershey achieved 1-to-1 aggregate gender pay equity for salaried employees in the U.S. in 2020 and is working to achieve this globally by 2025. Hershey continues to invest in early and mid-career training for its women employees to develop commercial skills and enhance access to opportunities. Over the past three years, the company has been consecutively named to Forbes’ list of the World’s Top Friendly Companies for Women. Expanding the Celebration to Social To inspire more moments of goodness throughout Women’s History Month, Hershey’s digital bars provide an additional way to spotlight the women who make a difference. The downloadable stickers are available on GIPHY or through the Instagram Sticker feature by searching “HersheysSHE.”

Follow Hershey on social media and visit the company’s thought leadership blog throughout the month of March for spotlights on women making a difference at Hershey.

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