Nestlé Translates Pet Gut Microbiome Analysis into Tailored Nutrition Recommendations

Trillions of microbes inhabit the bodies of our beloved dogs and cats, with the majority residing in their gut, forming what is known as the gut microbiome. This intricate ecosystem plays a crucial role in their overall health and well-being. Understanding and managing a pet’s microbiome can be key to providing proactive and personalized healthcare.

Nestlé has introduced the Petivity Microbiome Analysis Kit in the United States, a groundbreaking tool aimed at offering tailored nutrition and supplement recommendations for dogs and cats based on their individual gut profiles. By employing advanced sequencing technology, this innovative kit delves deep into the pet’s microbiome, unraveling essential information about gut health and nutritional needs through the analysis of gut bacteria.

The development of this kit involved collaboration among nutritionists, behaviorists, veterinarians, and data scientists from Nestlé R&D, showcasing the company’s commitment to leveraging expertise in gut integrity and microbial diversity for pet care solutions.

Pascal Steiner, Director of Petcare Nutrition Science at Nestlé, emphasizes the significance of this advancement, stating, “With this kit, we are putting the science of the gut microbiome into the hands of pet owners, empowering them to understand their pet’s health and nutrition even better.” The recommendations provided by the tool are backed by over a decade of research in prebiotics, probiotics, and microbiome studies, enabling pet owners to gain predictive insights into their pet’s gut health.

Pet owners can easily participate by submitting a small stool sample from their furry companion to the Purina laboratory. In return, they receive a comprehensive report detailing their pet’s microbiome profile and insights into gut health. This report can also be shared with veterinarians, highlighting any potential concerns such as pathogens or irregular bacterial levels. Cutting-edge sequencing technology is employed to analyze the bacterial communities within the gut, offering valuable information on bacterial diversities, a crucial marker of digestive health. Based on the pet’s unique profile, personalized nutrition and supplement recommendations are provided to support gut health and optimize the gut microbiome.

Sheri Smithey, Head of Nestlé Product Technology Center for Petcare, emphasizes the holistic approach taken by Nestlé R&D in addressing pet nutrition and health. “With the Petivity Microbiome Analysis Kit, we combine Nestlé’s research capabilities with novel digital tools and services to create more personalized solutions for our pets,” she says, underscoring the company’s dedication to advancing pet care through science-based innovations.

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