NEW CHEEZ- IT ® redundant Brickle IS Then TO SATISFY suckers’ preoccupation WITH AN ABSURDLY AMPED UP Gorging EXPERIENCE

What is that sound? It’s two new kinds from everyone’s favorite cheezy cracker brand – and it’s about to get loud, literally.
In an#ASMR- hung up world, Cheez- It ® is incinerating up commodity redundant special for crisp brickle
cravers. Enter Cheez- It Extra Crunchy, the brand’s crackly crackers, for a uniquelymulti-sensorial and deliciously inelegant crunch that will leave flavor chasers’ tastebuds chinking.

While suckers love the deliciously classic flavor of Cheez- It crackers, crunch position is a critical consideration factor when it comes to snacking. In fact, 60 of snackers say they prefer a brickle
snack *. These new immolations are then to deliver on that need for an absurdly- amped- up snacking experience rubbish- suckers will be obsessed with.

” Our suckers trust us to deliver a classically brickle
taste with all of our crackers, but we wanted to turn up the volume with Cheez- It Extra Crunchy,” said Cara Tragseiler, Senior Brand Director for Cheez- It.” With a generous sprinkle of seasoning and a multisensory crunch, these two new products will deliver on addict demand for an indeed louder, scrumptious way to snack on their favorite crackers.”

Break out your bitsy microphones and ASMR condensers for two types of colossal crunch worth landing. Each bite of Cheez- It Extra Crunchy delivers bold, boosted flavor with a satisfyingly — and unexpectedly — crisp crunch available in two kinds

Cheez- It Extra Brickle Bold Cheddar Imagine the classic, made with 100 real rubbish taste suckers love amplified with an violent crunch and seasoned to bold cheddar perfection. Yup, we did that. It’s a whole new position of absurdly succulent.
Cheez- It Snap’d ® Extra Crunchy Sharp White Cheddar Indulge in the crisp-thin taste of Cheez- It Snap’d invested with indeed further crunch and an explosion of Sharp White Cheddar flavor in every bite. It’s double the crunch in the same thin and crisp cracker.
Super brickle
superfans can find the new Cheez- It Extra Brickle kinds sliding into snack aisles at retailers civil starting this month. Follow@CheezIt on TikTok, Instagram or your favorite social media platform to keep up with the rearmost fun and food news.

  • Source Kellanova Proprietary Salty Snacks Demand Landscape Research, The Cambridge Group, 2021 About Kellanova
    Kellanova( NYSE K) is a leader in global snacking, transnational cereal and polls, and North America firmed foods with a heritage stretching back further than 100 times. Powered by discerned brands including Pringles ®, Cheez- It ®, Pop- cocottes ®, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats ®, RXBAR ®, Eggo ®, MorningStar granges ®, Special K ®, Coco Pops ®, and more, Kellanova’s vision is to come the world’s best- performing snacks- led hustler, unleashing the full eventuality of our discerned brands and our passionate people. Kellanova is guided by our purpose to produce better days and a place at the table for everyone through our trusted food brands. We’re advancing sustainable and indifferent access to food by addressing the crossroad of hunger, sustainability, good, and equity, diversity & addition, with the ambition of creating Better Days for 4 billion people by the end of 2030. for further information.

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