Pringles Launches Limited-Edition Minecraft TNT Flavor to Celebrate 15 Years of Gameplay

Are you ready to embark on a flavor adventure that will ignite your taste buds? In celebration of Minecraft’s 15th anniversary, Pringles® has teamed up with the gaming giant to bring you a limited-time-only, mouth-watering snack. Introducing Pringles® Minecraft Spicy TNT—a fusion of gaming excitement and bold, tongue-tingling flavor available nationwide starting in May, while supplies last. This new flavor release follows last year’s successful debut of Pringles®’ first gamified flavor inspired by Minecraft’s Suspicious Stew. Pringles® Spicy TNT captures the essence of your favorite game with layers of spicy peppers and cheesy goodness.

Wondering what TNT has to do with Pringles®? In Minecraft, TNT is a powerful explosive used for construction, mining, building, and fun. Pringles® has channeled that fiery energy into their crisps, bringing the excitement of the game into your snacking experience!

“Our new limited edition Spicy TNT flavor showcases how snacking and gaming come together,” said Mauricio Jenkins, US marketing lead for Pringles®. “Whether you’re a dedicated gamer or tackling your quests in real life, Pringles® fuels gaming sessions with the delicious flavor combinations our fans love.”

Fans can find Minecraft Spicy TNT at select retailers nationwide beginning in May. Visit to locate this flavor near you and follow @Pringles on social media for the latest updates on fun and flavor.

Build for Better

From now until July 31, 2024, fans who purchase any Pringles® can or participating Kellanova products can upload their receipts to the website to receive 350 Minecoins for use in-game*. Additionally, fans can participate in the Build for Better program. Design a playground in the game, and one lucky winner’s design will inspire a real-life playground, which our partners at Kaboom! will bring to life, promoting playspace equity across the United States. The winner and a guest will join Kellanova, Minecraft, and Kaboom! at the playground’s construction. This initiative supports Kellanova’s Better Days Promise, which aims to advance sustainable and equitable access to food and create better days for 4 billion people by 2030. For more information, visit the website (no purchase necessary)**.

Stay informed by following @Pringles and @Minecraft on social media for the latest news on fun and food.

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