Project SEARCH Aramark Interns Delve into Career Exploration

“In the vibrant hub of Aramark’s Philadelphia headquarters, two interns are quietly making a big impact. Mahogany Moten and Adale Brown, students from Girard College Mastery Charter High School, are part of Project SEARCH, a program dedicated to empowering young people with disabilities through meaningful work experiences and career pathways.

Moten and Brown may seem unassuming, but their presence speaks volumes about the importance of equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities in the workforce. Aramark recognizes the mutual benefits: interns gain valuable skills in hospitality, while the company gains from a more diverse talent pool.

Jason Perelman, Aramark’s Human Resources Director for Student Nutrition, East Region, spearheaded the initiative to host Project SEARCH interns. He emphasizes the importance of providing interns with marketable skills, making them preferred candidates in the job market.

Brown immersed himself in various aspects of Aramark’s operations, from managing inventory to assisting with cafe setups, gaining hands-on experience in hospitality. Meanwhile, Moten provided vital support to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) team, showcasing her administrative and graphic design skills to enhance DEI materials.

The internship goes beyond daily tasks, with participants attending classes covering customer service, safety protocols, and more. This 10-week program is an investment in the interns’ future, equipping them with practical skills and confidence.

Despite initial challenges, witnessing the interns’ growth and integration within the company highlights the importance of inclusion. Aramark’s commitment extends beyond headquarters, with Girard College interns also contributing to culinary services on campus.

Perelman commends the company’s inclusive culture, noting how colleagues embrace and mentor interns, reflecting Aramark’s dedication to fostering a diverse and supportive workforce.

In the corporate world, Moten and Brown exemplify how inclusion drives positive change, showing that it’s more than just a buzzword—it’s a powerful catalyst for progress.”

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