Purina Europe’s Inaugural Ocean Restoration Initiative Restoring 1,500 Hectares of Marine Habitats by 2030

The ocean, a vital ecosystem for life on Earth, faces significant threats due to climate change and human activities, endangering marine biodiversity. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Nestlé Purina PetCare Europe is launching its inaugural Ocean Restoration Program aimed at combating marine biodiversity loss across Europe.

In collaboration with expert organizations, Purina Europe plans to restore 1,500 hectares of marine habitats by 2030, equivalent to roughly 3,700 football pitches. These habitats serve as crucial homes for various species, including fish, which play a vital role in Purina’s pet food supply chain by utilizing fish by-products that would otherwise go to waste.

Investing in partners’ ocean restoration solutions, Purina aims to make these initiatives effective and scalable. The program’s initial phase, spanning three years, prioritizes research, establishing a measurement framework, and conditions necessary for efficient scaling of restoration efforts. The subsequent phase, starting in 2026, will focus on expanding proven solutions.

Several partner organizations, such as the Seagrass Consortium represented by Sea Ranger Service, are developing strategies to restore seagrass meadows, vital for biodiversity and carbon capture. Oyster Heaven utilizes natural materials to rebuild lost oyster reefs, enhancing biodiversity and water quality. Urchinomics targets the removal of excess sea urchins to facilitate the recovery of kelp beds, crucial for marine life and carbon sequestration. SeaForester employs innovative techniques like mobile seaweed nurseries to revive disappearing seaweed forests.

These initiatives, backed by scientific research and community engagement, address common challenges in marine habitat restoration. Collaborative efforts between program partners aim to advance restoration science and methodologies. Advisory partners support Purina in its commitment to collective restoration efforts.

Restoration activities will span various European locations, including France, the Netherlands, Norway, and Portugal, with ongoing evaluation for additional sites in Germany and the UK.

Kerstin Schmeiduch, Director of Corporate Communications and Sustainability at Purina Europe, emphasizes the company’s dedication to addressing marine biodiversity loss through collaborative restoration efforts.

Harry Wright, CEO of Bright Tide, expresses enthusiasm for partnering with Purina Europe on the Ocean Restoration Program, highlighting the program’s structure facilitating efficient collaboration among expert partners.

Moving forward, the program aims to generate training, employment, and business opportunities for local communities, contributing to sustainable marine ecosystem restoration across Europe.

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