Revving Up Expansion Closeup’s Novel Approach to Toothpaste Preferences in Vietnam

Already ranked as the third most preferred toothpaste worldwide, Closeup leverages its expertise in freshness alongside fresh insights into local taste preferences to expand its consumer base in Vietnam. With a rapidly growing personal care sector and projections indicating a near doubling of the country’s consumer base by 2030, oral hygiene holds significant sway in Vietnam’s commercial landscape. Currently holding a substantial 20% share of the toothpaste market, Closeup aims to capitalize further on this success through recent endeavors in consumer taste exploration, driving innovative product development.

Previous studies have indicated that Vietnamese consumers favor a robust cooling sensation during brushing, coupled with a harmonious blend of sweetness and spice in flavor. Closeup’s flagship product, Bạc Hà Thơm Mát, has traditionally aligned with this preference. However, the brand remains committed to staying attuned to evolving tastes.

Crafting the perfect paste, Closeup’s Flavour Expertise team collaborated with partner flavor experts to develop a range of prototypes. After initial screening, a select few promising flavors underwent final validation among consumers, yielding three crucial insights: the necessity of a hyper-localized flavor approach, the significance of mouthfeel, and the impact of cooling elements.

The Three Insights Driving Closeup’s Innovation:

  1. Local Culinary Influences: With distinct regional culinary preferences, Closeup tailored its new flavors to reflect local tastes. By incorporating hyper-local insights, Closeup ensures its products resonate with consumers’ palates.
  2. Emphasis on Mouthfeel: Recognizing the importance of texture, Closeup prioritized a smooth mouthfeel and ample foaming during brushing, distinguishing its product from the traditionally chalk-based toothpastes prevalent in Vietnam.
  3. Intensified Cooling Sensation: Renowned for its menthol cooling effect, Closeup enhanced its formula to deliver a more potent cooling sensation. Moreover, the gel’s bacteria-fighting properties contribute to long-lasting freshness, setting Closeup apart from competitors.

The Winning Formula:

The winning prototype showcased a notable departure from the existing flavor profile, garnering exceptional feedback across the market and outperforming competitors in trials.

Closeup introduced the new toothpaste formulation to the market in November 2023, yielding promising results. Product penetration rates have surged to their highest levels in three years, signaling a favorable reception among consumers.

With its track record of providing millions worldwide with fresher breath and confidence in closeness, Closeup’s ongoing commitment to adapting to evolving consumer preferences positions the brand for further success in Vietnam’s oral care market.

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