AMVAC Expands Distribution into China in Collaboration with Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care ®, a prominent provider of peptides utilized by growers to enhance crop production and quality worldwide, is excited to announce the signing of a distribution agreement (referred to as the “Agreement”) with AMVAC®, an American Vanguard Company, aimed at facilitating the commercialization of innovative fertilizer products in China.

Key Points:

  • AMVAC, operating through its Chinese subsidiary, will distribute a pioneering fertilizer product incorporating PHC’s Harpinαβ technology, specifically tailored for use in vegetable and row crops to enhance plant health and yield.
  • AMVAC is actively exploring the potential of PHC’s technology in other markets such as Australia, Central America, and Brazil, where novel products could provide disease and nematode control in crops like bananas, potatoes, and soybeans.

This Agreement marks a significant step towards the commercialization of Harpinαβ technology in tandem with a unique AMVAC fertilizer. The initial product launches by AMVAC are slated for 2024, promising widespread access to Harpinαβ technology for Chinese growers. This innovative product is poised to empower growers in enhancing crop quality and yield as part of a holistic and environmentally conscious crop production approach.

Harpinαβ functions by fortifying the innate immune defense mechanisms inherent in all plants, akin to vaccinations in humans. This prompts crops to exhibit improved nutrient utilization efficiency, resilience to abiotic stressors, and ultimately, heightened yield and quality. Compared to other biological products available in the market, Harpinαβ-based solutions offer consistent efficacy across diverse application and environmental conditions. They are also compatible with commonly used synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides in commercial agriculture.

Jeff Tweedy, CEO of Plant Health Care, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration with AMVAC, anticipating significant opportunities for the adoption of Harpinαβ-based products in promoting sustainable agriculture practices in China. He praised AMVAC’s strategic approach and competent team in China, expressing excitement about the forthcoming launch later this year. He further highlighted the potential emergence of additional products resulting from the ongoing collaboration between the two companies in China and other lucrative markets globally.

Lawrence Yu, AMVAC Head of Asia-Pacific Region, expressed eagerness to expand their biological product offerings in China through this partnership with Plant Health Care. He underscored AMVAC’s commitment to exploring further distribution opportunities globally, leveraging its robust market presence across the globe.

Jim Thompson, Director of Business Development for GreenSolutions at AMVAC, emphasized the proven multi-crop efficacy of Harpinαβ technology, which complements AMVAC’s portfolio of biological and specialty nutrition products under GreenSolutions. He highlighted the increased flexibility and return on investment this partnership will offer to distribution partners and growers alike.

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