Unilever Urges Industry Associations to Intensify Climate Action

Collaboration Key to Combatting Climate Change: Unilever’s Call to Industry Associations

In the fight against climate change, Unilever stresses the importance of collective action involving governments, industry associations, businesses, and civil society. While Unilever has made significant strides in reducing emissions within its own operations, the company acknowledges the need for broader engagement beyond its factory walls.

To achieve its climate goals, Unilever emphasizes the necessity of supportive government policies that foster an environment conducive to swift and substantial action by businesses. Advocating for policies aligned with the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C, Unilever underscores the significance of collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

Recognizing the pivotal role of industry associations in shaping climate policy, Unilever conducted an extensive Climate Policy Engagement Review, evaluating the alignment of 27 associations with its own advocacy efforts. The review revealed areas for improvement, with some associations lacking meaningful engagement with governments or displaying misalignment with Unilever’s priorities.

Unilever calls on industry associations to enhance their commitment to climate action, emphasizing the need for tangible steps rather than mere rhetoric. The company outlines measures to address misalignment, including revisiting policy positions, establishing climate-focused subcommittees, and increasing transparency in lobbying activities.

Acknowledging the complexity of achieving full alignment, Unilever commits to ongoing efforts over the next year to encourage associations to become catalysts for positive policy change. With over 600 memberships in industry groups, Unilever aims for comprehensive alignment where it matters most and pledges to annually update its progress.

In the spirit of accountability and transparency, Unilever seeks to foster constructive partnerships while holding associations accountable for their climate commitments. Through these efforts, Unilever aims not only to advance its own climate agenda but also to inspire broader action across the business community.

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