Darling Ingredients Inc. Releases Fiscal Year 2023 Earnings Update

Today, Darling Ingredients Inc. issued a statement concerning the financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year 2023.

The earnings report for the 50/50 joint venture, Diamond Green Diesel (DGD), was disclosed by Darling’s joint venture partner earlier today.

Darling Ingredients anticipates unveiling its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2023 earnings on or around February 27, 2024, with an expectation of achieving its sixth consecutive year of record earnings for fiscal year 2023. The core ingredients business demonstrated strong performance in the fourth quarter and is poised for continued improvement in the upcoming quarters.

As the company enters 2024, strategic adjustments are underway to safeguard margins in the Feed segment amidst a decline in global finished good prices. Conversely, the Food and Fuel segments are expected to be more resilient to commodity volatility.

Despite market challenges, the company expresses optimism about its 2024 performance. This confidence is rooted in the diversified global platform, recent acquisitions, successful integration efforts, enhanced performance at DGD, and the anticipation of sustainable aviation fuel production. Further insights into the company’s 2024 outlook will be provided during its fiscal year 2023 earnings call.

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