Yatsushiro Distillery’s YATSU BOSHI Craft Gin Embarks on Australian Voyage, Extending Reach to Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea

Mercian Corporation (Mercian) initiated the export of Yatsushiro Distillery’s YATSU BOSHI craft gin to Australia in January 2024, showcasing a blend of exquisite Japanese citruses cultivated in Kumamoto Prefecture. This premium craft gin, already available in Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea, aligns with the global surge in gin popularity, witnessing a remarkable 40% sales growth between 2018 and 2022.*

Australia, as the world’s 6th largest gin market*, presents an exciting opportunity for Yatsushiro Distillery to introduce its craft gin. Craft gin, characterized by its focus on botanicals, ingredients, manufacturing techniques, and regional origins, has captured particular interest worldwide.

The Australian market’s enthusiasm for Japanese cuisine, perceived as healthy, and a broader fascination with Japanese culture, as evidenced by a consistent increase in Australian visitors to Japan, aligns seamlessly with the “Cool Japan” trend.*

Yatsushiro Distillery’s YATSU BOSHI stands out due to its unique production process utilizing the shochu distillation technology. The carefully selected precious Japanese citruses, including Banpeiyu, Aoyuzu, and Shiranui (Dekopon), are exclusively sourced from Kumamoto Prefecture, resulting in a refreshingly complex flavor with distinct Japanese characteristics. Introducing this exceptional craft gin to Australia not only broadens the options for Australian consumers but also enhances the appeal of Japanese cuisine.

Collaborating with Four Pillars Ltd., a Lion Pty Ltd group company responsible for Kirin Group’s Oceania alcoholic beverage business, Yatsushiro Distillery has developed contemporary packaging that aligns with the “Cool Japan” trend. The use of traditional washi paper for the label and the shochu bottle reflects the essence of Japan, effectively communicating the cultural identity and value of YATSU BOSHI on the global stage.

As part of the Kirin Group’s long-term management concept, “Kirin Group Vision 2027,” the company aims to address social issues in the realms of “health,” “community,” and “environment” while taking responsibility as an alcoholic beverage manufacturer. By exporting YATSU BOSHI to Australia and other international markets, Mercian Corporation contributes to the revitalization of Yatsushiro City in Kumamoto Prefecture and plays a crucial role in invigorating the Japanese gin market overseas, adhering to the principles of Creating Shared Value (CSV).*

*1 IWSR drinks market analysis 2022 Gin & Genever total retail value (including e-commerce). *2 Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), Number of foreign visitors to Japan by nationality/month (2003-2023): figures compared from the 5 years preceding the coronavirus pandemic. *3 Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Basic information on agricultural, forestry, fishery, and food products marketing by country: Australia, June 2023. *4 Creating Shared Value (CSV): combined added value for consumers and society at large.

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